Welcome to Sensichips

As humans coordinate multiple senses for optimal recognition, so will electronics systems.

Presenting a new technology in sensing with smart materials, a quantum leap in molecular recognition.

Sensichips brings together a unique combination of expertise in materials science, analytical chemistry, nanotechnologies and precision analog microelectronics to engage in the development of a next generation microsensors platform.

Our miniature sensors will include diverse sensor types, signal conditioning, acquisition electronics and synergistic coordination to improve recognition, in a single microchip.

More than Moore (MtM):
Sensichips steps beyond conventional microelectronics to deliver “More than Moore” value for customers, exploring new area of micro and nanoelectronics. By integrating various analog functionality with nanostructured smart materials to semiconductor products, Sensichips focuses on creating high-value micro/nanoelectronics systems, motivating new technological possibilities and vast application potential.


Sensichips is currently developing its technology, you can preview our demonstration of new safety scenarios.