ARMY RECOGNITION: Military clothing and microsensor advancements from Aero Sekur at DSEi 2011

Aero Sekur returns to DSEi with an extended defence clothing range including CBRN suits & respirator, sniper suit and poncho. Continued innovation in advanced soldier equipment includes a new ballistic jacket offering high levels of protection, low weight and quick release system. Expertise in parachute development is also presented, including products for standard troop, aircraft braking and submunition chutes through to advanced guided precision airdrop systems.

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PLASTIC ELECTRONICS: New company produces smart fabric microsensors

A new company has been established that could provide microsensors integrated into fabrics. Sensichips will offer energy-efficient integrated sensors to the defence and aerospace industries, working alongside OEMs. The small size of the microsensors, at just 3mm x 3mm, could lead to the development of smart fabrics with sensor capabilities, according to a report on the AZO Sensors website.

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AZ.SENSORS: Sensichips Develops Safety System Microsensors

A semiconductor innovator, Roberto Simmarano has launched a new company, Sensichips, to develop safety system microsensors. The company has been added to the Aero Sekur Group of Companies. Sensichips offers energy-efficient integrated microsensors for the defense and aerospace sectors. It also provides a combination of analytical chemistry, materials science and precision analog microelectronics proficiency.

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Sensichips announcement at the Paris Air Show 2011: Paris Platform for Sensichips Launch

Sensichips, a new company developing safety system microsensors, has been launched at Paris Air Show 2011. Part of the Aero Sekur Group, Sensichips will provide low power, integrated microsensors for the aerospace and defence sectors. The new company brings together a unique combination of expertise in materials science, analytical chemistry and precision analog microelectronics. Continue reading “Sensichips announcement at the Paris Air Show 2011: Paris Platform for Sensichips Launch”