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TSensors Roadmap
Courtesy of Dr. Janusz Bryzek www.TSensorsSummit.org

Sensichips was founded with the recognition that while microelectronics technologies are gradually maturing there is a very rapid demand growth for sensors. It is expected that most of such demand will be driven by wearable, robotics, internet of things and reaching onto several more applications.

The global sensor opportunity is estimated to be so large that some forecasters relate to it in terms of percentage of the world GDP.

Prevalent application requirements call for multiple sensors, miniaturization, low power consumption and ease of use.  Current sensors are bulky, need interdisciplinary know-how of physics, chemistry, analog and digital electronics and software development in order to design a product. Certainly the required knowledge is too wide and complex for most systems engineers.

Sensichips has developed a technology platform from the ground up dedicated at the combination of diverse sensor types with microelectronics into one miniature chip and enabling seamless connectivity to external sensing elements. The platform allows to spin standard or customized devices at a rapid pace in order to meet the diverse customer requirements and their rapid end product update cycle.

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Sensichips is part of the Arescosmo group.